Welcome to the new website of Mobius Network Solutions

We decided (and were prodded) it was time for a bit of a refresh. Don’t expect an Online Store, we supply what clients ask for with advice backed by research and experience as keen technology enthusiasts. In fact I think 99% of the time this website is just there to help people find our phone number ūüėČ

We will be running a bit of a blog where we’ll be publishing short articles related to issues we find clients encountering and technology recommendations.


Mobius Network Solutions has been operating in Christchurch since early 2000. Owner/operator Matthew Beechey has well over 20 years experience supporting Networks and I.T equipment and has an excellent understanding of the IT needs of businesses. In 2019 we welcomed Matthews daughter Sophie to the company, Growing up in a technology mad family has given Sophie a keen interest and understanding of all things tech.
We provide Network design and installation, support¬†for¬†PC workstations and servers and help with Office 365 setup and integration. We have extensive experience in internet & email solutions,¬†smartphone setup, VPN’s and software applications common in industries such as travel, accounting, law, engineering, freight and education.


Virus Protection

The most important part of Virus protection is common sense. 99.9% of the Virus’s we see come in via email and given a second look people always realise they never should have clicked the link, often its been an unfortunate coincidence in a weak moment when the user was busy. General rule of thumb is …